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Course AED and CPR training

The AED and CPR training is intended to get acquainted with the AED and the application of CPR. In addition, you will broaden your knowledge of life-saving actions. Through practical exercises we try to prevent a shock reaction in a practical situation. The student knows afterwards how the AED works and knows how to act in a life-saving manner in an emergency.

The target group includes employees who do not have an emergency response certificate, but who need to know how the AED works and employees who like to learn to act life-saving.

Of course it can be used as an interim refresher course.

If desired, the practice can be given at your location for better integration of the emergency response organization and for responding to matters that are relevant to practice.

The AED and CPR training course consists of a half-day session at Arbo Opleidingsinstituut Nederland, the AOIN, or at your own location.

Topics covered are:


  • Checking a victim;
  • checking consciousness and breathing;
  • How to act victim;
  • Resuscitation;
  • Use of AED;
  • Content and operation of AED;
  • Alarms;


  • CPR (chest compressions and ventilation)
  • Use of AED

The objective is that the student makes the right decision at the right time, knows what to do in such a situation and can act life-saving in combination with an AED.


The AOIN course is concluded with a valid personal certificate which is NIBHV-recognized.


During participation is included:

  • Lesson day (s) in modern classroom with modern audiovisual equipment;
  • Expert, trained and experienced teachers;
  • AOIN teaching materials;
  • Meal per class day;
  • Coffee Tea;
  • Exam

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AED Course & CPR Training