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Course Prevention Officer

From 1 July 2005, all employers are obliged to have a prevention officer. The prevention officer is preferably an employee from their own organization who is trained to take care of the daily health and safety within the company. In companies with up to 15 employees, the employer may assume these tasks. With the Arbo Opleidingsinstituut Nederland, the AOIN prevention officer course, you will soon have a well-trained employee attuned to the risks in the company, as they will also be referred to in the Risk Inventory and Evaluation, including the number of Prevention officers from the RI&E.


Before the course material is discussed, the teacher will inform all students of the purpose, content and course of the course program. By providing good information and creating involvement, the teacher aims to create conditions that achieve an optimal course result. The following components will be discussed:

Target group and previous education

Employees who (will) perform the function of Prevention Officer. Previous education: MBO working and / or thinking level.

Course program

The course is given for a maximum of 12 students and lasts 1 day. The following modules are covered:

  • Role of the Prevention Officer within the company
  • Working conditions legislation
  • Working conditions risks
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Role of the Working Conditions Service
  • RI&E
  • Information and education
  • Motivation of employees
  • Accidents and near-accidents
  • Emergency plan and workshop emergency plan

Using oral and visual presentation techniques, the teacher will discuss and explain the various modules and the paragraphs contained therein as clearly as possible. By asking "open" questions and conducting targeted conversations, he ensures that the training material is understood and supported.


The course is provided by a trainer from the AOIN under the direct responsibility of the training coordinator and the management of the AOIN.


The AOIN course is concluded with a valid personal certificate.


All our courses include:

  • Lesson day (s) in modern classroom with modern audiovisual equipment;
  • Expert, trained and experienced teachers;
  • AOIN teaching materials;
  • Fresh lunch per class day;
  • Coffee/Tea;
  • Exam.

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Prevention Officer Course