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Course Safe Hoisting

The course Safe Hoisting is teaching students how to hoist and move loads safely and how to handle them. It is about the types of loads, the insights and the methods that must be used to safely attach, hoist and move loads. The course will teach you how to work safely and responsibly. This is also applied in a practical part of the course.

The content of the course alternates between theory and practice. Small groups are also used during the course. This gives students the opportunity to receive good personal guidance from the teacher.

The theory of the course consists of the components:

  • Legal provisions and regulations
  • Lifting equipment
  • Risks when hitting, hoisting, moving and placing
  • Inspection and certification
  • Safe attachment of loads
  • Arm signals

The practice of the course consists of the components:

  • An exercise regarding safe attachment, hoisting and moving a load
  • An exercise with the use of crane


When the course has been successfully completed, the student receives a personal Safe hoisting certificate that is valid for 5 years.


The teachers who teaches the safe hoisting & movement of loads course are provided by Arbo Opledingsinstitut Nederland, the AOIN. These are experienced professionals who can combine theory with practice. This makes it easier and better for the student to put the parts into practice.


The course takes place at a professional course location where all the necessary parts are present, these parts are provided by the AOIN.


During the participation of all our courses is included:

  • Lesson day(s)
  • Expert, trained and experienced teachers;
  • AOIN teaching materials;
  • Meal per day of class;
  • Coffee & tea;
  • Exam.

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Course Safe Hoisting