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Course Independent Respiratory Protection

The independent respiratory protection course has been set up for employees who occasionally work in an environment that cannot be completely freed from hazardous substances (vapors, gases). Working with respiratory protection is considered a riskfull task for which a course must be followed.

Independent respiratory protection course

During the independent respiratory protection course, students are taught how to work safely and responsibly with independent respiratory protection, both with autonomous devices and with multiple-hour connection (living air) by means of hoses.

Course program


  • Fire and explosion hazard
  • Choking and poisoning hazard
  • Moving parts
  • Organization and personnel
  • Liability and Work Permits
  • Structural requirements and confined spaces, Manholes
  • PPE, hygiene and respirators


  • Training with compressed air equipment
  • Dependent and independent respiratory protection
  • Assembly and disassembly of valves
  • Work in an emergency


The course is provided by a trainer from the AOIN under the direct responsibility of the training coordinator and the management of the AOIN.


The AOIN course is concluded with a valid personal certificate.


All our courses include:

  • Lesson day (s) in modern classroom with modern audiovisual equipment;
  • Expert, trained and experienced teachers;
  • AOIN teaching materials;
  • Fresh lunch per class day;
  • Coffee/Tea;
  • Exam

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Course independent respiratory protection